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Canine Good Citizen - is an American Kennel Club testing program designed to teach responsible ownership and to certify dogs that have the training and the behaviors needed to be reliable, well behaved members of their families and communities.

To receive the certification, your dog must pass a multi-task test that is comprised of general every day good behaviors:

* Accepting a friendly stranger
* Sitting politely for petting
* Appearance and grooming
* Out for a walk - Walking on a loose leash
* Walking through a crowd
* Sit and Down on Command - Staying in place
* Coming when called
* Reaction to another dog
* Reaction to distractions
* Supervised separation

For detailed explanations of criteria - visit the AKC website at

Four on the Floor Dog Training  can help you and your dog in preparation for this test and is an AKC approved evaluator.                                                                                   Call 727-541-7858 for an appointment to assess your training needs
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